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Who owns Dental Business Study Clubs?

Dr. Roger Levin is the founder of Dental Business Study Clubs. After building a consulting firm that has served almost 30,000 practices, he felt that a new model could be developed to help dentists get real-time solutions to real-time problems and challenges. We could not be more excited about the launch and development of Dental Business Study Clubs.

How will I know what to do?

The specialist Founder of a Dental Business Study Club will receive full information on how the study club should operate. To make it easy for you, we will appoint a Study Club Administrator who will handle almost all of the operations of the club. We will have information and materials to train this individual and they can reach out to us if they have questions or need guidance. We will also train the specialist Founder on how to facilitate monthly meetings using techniques that will kick-start conversation and ensure lively discussion amongst the members. There is very little work for the specialist, but the club will lead to fantastic relationship building.

How much time will I have to devote to a study club?

The amount of time that a club founder spends on a study club is minimal. Most of the work will be done by the Study Club Administrator. The club founder will be responsible for attracting members to the club and reviewing the monthly facilitation questions that will stimulate discussion amongst the club founders. If the club is run properly, all of the other work will be handled by the Study Club Administrator who will be trained by DBSC on a regular basis. In the event that you lose a Study Club Administrator, DBSC is prepared to train the replacement person as we will be adding clubs on an ongoing basis.

Is this $12,000 fee a one-time investment?

Yes. The study club founder only pays $12,000 once.

How much money do referring doctor members pay?

Members of DBSC will pay a yearly fee of $2,388 which is the equivalent of $199 a month. The payment will be due up front in order to avoid monthly billing and the associated administrative processing. The yearly fee will cover all aspects of a general dentist or other specialist membership including the monthly meeting, monthly business pre-recorded webinar group sharing sessions, anonymous access to the discussion forum, a monthly whitepaper, Statistic of the Month, Script of the Month and Life Success Recommendation of the Month. One of the most important components of DBSC is that members will also be enrolled in the buying group which allows them to save money as part of their membership in the DBSC organization.

Where should the study club meetings be held?

DBSC suggests that you find a location that is easy to access from a technological and geographical standpoint. The technology merely focuses on being able to access and view the Monthly pre-recorded webinar that kicks off the start of every meeting. The best setup is generally a round or square grouping of tables that allows all members to easily see one another once the webinar has been viewed. This helps encourage discussion and feedback within the group.

Do you have a club in my area now?

Each Dental Business Study Club has a restricted territory based on a specific office location for that club. Restricted territories are part of the model for Dental Business Study Clubs so that the specialist Founder of a study club experiences the benefits of a study club including increased referrals, enhanced relationships and new referrers. If you are requesting a study club in a territory that is already restricted we will let you know prior to finalizing any agreements.

What if I want a second club?

Every specialist Founder is welcome to have a second or third club depending on the size and number of offices and if the restricted territory is available. Our fee for the first Dental Business Study Club to the Founder specialist is a one-time fee of $12,000. Each additional club has a one-time fee of $6,000 as long as the requested restricted territory is available. Then, you never have another payment again.

Is this like a Seattle Study Club?

Seattle Study Club is a good organization that focuses heavily on clinical expertise. Many dentists are finding that they do not have the opportunity to perform the larger cases which are often part of the clinical education they receive. However ,dentists have an almost desperation to learn more about the dental business skills that they didn’t receive in dental school but need in order to build and maintain successful practices in a rapidly changing environment.

Dental Business Study Clubs is not like any dental study club that exists at this time. It is important recognize that you will want to have a strong focus on building and maintaining your Dental Business Study Club regardless of other clubs you have in place.

Can I split my study club with another specialist?

The answer is yes, although one club Founder has to be identified as the principal. Keep in mind that we strongly recommend that you have a Study Club Administrator, who is probably already on your staff, to handle almost all of the details and logistics of the study club and ensure its success.

The Study Club Administrator:

  1. Who should it be? – Ideally, the Study Club Administrator would someone already on the staff that can dedicate 4-5 hours per month to the Dental Business Study Club. Once the club has been built and meetings become more routine, the Administrator should be able to handle the entire operation in 2-3 hours per month. The specialist Founder has very little work to do other than setting aside some time for a brief review of the Facilitator Guide for each meeting. The Study Club Administrator can also be someone who is not currently on the staff but who is motivated and enthusiastic about building and maintaining an excellent Dental Business Study Club.


  1. How do I train my Study Club Administrator? – The specialist Founder will have very little training to do for the Study Club Administrator. As part of your founding a Dental Business Study Club we will provide training and education for the Study Club Administrator on the objectives and logistics of their role in order to be successful. The administrator will also have access to a liaison at Dental Business Study Clubs to ask questions and gain advice over time. In addition, we will collect information from Study Club Administrators so that we can provide valuable feedback to all of the Study Club Administrators based on the different experiences of administrators throughout the country.


  1. What if my Study Club Administrator leaves? – In the event that a Dental Business Study Club Administrator leaves their position we are fully prepared to educate and train your new Study Club Administrator. We intend to add Dental Business Study Clubs for a number of years and will continually update our Study Club Administrator training on a regular basis. As a club Founder, you will always have access to all information, education and materials that we use to train Study Club Administrators.