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Dental Business Study Clubs


The Most Effective Method to Increase Referrals

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Dental Business Study Clubs


The Most Effective Method to Increase Referrals

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“Dental Business Study Clubs is going great here in Iowa at Oral Surgeons, PC.  We are so pleased with the programming that you are developing. Keep up the great work! You are making a difference in the lives of many great dentists here in the metro area and it is very much appreciated.”


Dr. Scott Johnson

Oral Surgeons PC

Des Moines, Iowa


There’s Nothing Else Like This. And it Works! Here’s Why…

Created by Roger P. Levin DDS

The most innovative new method to increase referrals based on over 30 years of experience advising thousands of successful specialty practices.

Higher Production & Profit

Increase your income by adding more referrals and keep your schedule full year-round.

Increase Referrals

Maintaining, adding, and strengthening referral relationships is the #1 challenge faced by every specialist. DBSC is the next generation of referral marketing for specialists.

Attract New Referral Sources

Replace running around to meet referring doctors with one powerful event each month. DBSC saves you time and money. You will add and keep loyal, long-term referral sources.

Build Long-Term Loyalty

This is your opportunity to thank your referring doctors by giving them access to proven business knowledge and tools. It will benefit their practices immensely and they will have you to thank.

Restricted Territory

No one else can host a club in your area. You have the monopoly on the most innovative and effective form of dental business education.

When You Start a Dental Business Study Club

Here’s What Your Referring Doctors Get Every Month!!


#1 DBSC Education

Immediately increase their production and lower their overhead with top-quality, proven business education designed specifically for dental practices. DBSC members will receive a new business system each month to implement (with their team) into their practice. Your members can expect savings from these systems to far exceed the cost of their annual DBSC membership fee. They can also expect to experience much lower stress as they implement highly efficient business systems that “do the work for them.”


#2 World-Class Dental Business Library

Your members also receive instant access to download more than 100 dental business books, videos and whitepapers from practice management experts who have over 30 years of experience working with over 25,000 dental practices. A total value of over $2,000 for DBSC members.


#3 Ten Live Business Study Club Meetings Annually – Right In Your Local Area

Spend 2 amazing hours each month interacting and sharing with your referral base. They will learn the most essential information, techniques and strategies for practice success – all of them ready to be implemented in their practices immediately.


#4 Continuing Education Credits

Your members receive CE Credits for each live meeting.


#5 Team Training Video

Engaging video training, designed specifically to help their teams implement the practice enhancing strategy that is rolled out every month.


#6 DBSC Discussion Forum

24/7 access to a team of experts and colleagues throughout the country. Get answers and feedback in real time.


#7 Team Training Scripts

A new, expert-designed script each month, to help their entire team to improve results in critical practice systems.


#8 Practice Profit Guide

A special report on increasing production and profitability for the doctor and team each month.


#9 Practice Management Pearl-of-the-Week

Every week they will receive a dental business pearl that contains short, practical and powerfully effective tips for making real-time improvements in their practices one-step-at-a-time.


Dentistry’s Only All-Business Study Club


Doctors, teams and practices have incredible potential to grow 30-50% (without working harder or longer) AND while lowering stress. The strategies presented each month by Dental Business Study Clubs will allow any practice to enjoy continuing growth in both production and profitability.


Starting a Dental Business Study Club is easy and rewarding.


Here’s how it works…


  • A one-time club initiation fee secures your restricted territory.
  • You and your Study Club Administrator receive all the information, training, and materials needed to obtain members, moderate meetings, and build your practice. And it takes just a few hours a month.
  • You set-up 10 two-hour meetings (once a month, skipping July and August)
  • DBSC provides the rest.

It is the newest, most advanced form of dental business education!


DBSC provides EVERYTHING you and your team need to build club membership, plan your meetings and run the club.

  • Effective and exciting marketing materials to generate interest and build club membership
  • How-To Guide to easily and quickly add members
  • Easy-To-Follow guide for hosting each monthly club meeting
  • Exciting and pertinent dental business content for each monthly meeting
  • A simple, one-page Meeting Guide (for every meeting) that guarantees a stress-free experience for you
    and a highly successful experience for your members
  • Continued support from Dental Business Study Club’s expert Support Team


When You Start a Dental Business Study Club…

  • You will build the strongest referral relationships of any specialist in your area
  • Your members will learn the best and most advanced business models to make their practices successful

Building The Highest Level of Relationships With Referring Doctors Is The #1 Objective of Successful Specialty Practices

Specialist Infographic DBSC

More and more general dentists are holding on to treatment they previously would have referred out to you.


According to a DBSC Data Center™ survey 68% of General Dentists referred fewer patients in 2017 than in previous years. Dental Business Study Clubs is the most innovative and unique opportunity for doctors to learn more about the business of dentistry. By working with referring doctors to help them understand the benefits of joining a Dental Business Study Club, you will enhance your relationship, have the rare opportunity to give something back to your referring doctors for the referrals that they send you, as well as acquire new referring doctors with whom you have little contact today.

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