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How much does it cost?

The fee for a Dental Business Study Clubs membership $79 per month paid monthly. Our goal is for your monthly fee to be one of the best investments in knowledge and practical application that you as a dentist can make to better understand the business of dentistry.

How will it benefit me?

As you know, most dental schools do not teach much of anything about business. So dentists are forced to play catchup and attempt to continually solve problems without the right input or knowledge. Dental Business Study Clubs was designed by Dr. Roger Levin and a team of experts in the business of dentistry who are dedicated to providing practical business education for dentists. After extensive research, we have curated a collection of educational resources and materials that have been organized into monthly business themes. DBSC is not a consulting program, but an opportunity for dentist to truly learn and share with each other in order to improve their practices and their lives.


As a member of Dental Business Study Clubs, each month you will receive:


  • A meeting with colleagues to view a Dental Business Webinar, followed by a moderated discussion on that topic and an open forum for sharing information and working to help solve problems.
  • Another pre-recorded webinar to be used at a staff meeting in your practice that will allow your team to understand and implement with practical application the monthly topic.
  • A whitepaper on the business topic of the month.
  • A Script of the month relative to the business topic for team members to implement in the practice.
  • A Statistic of the month with overview and application relative to the business topic of the month.
  • Life Success information, provided by expert executive coaches, for personal reflection and self- improvement.
  • Access to our online discussion forum where doctors can take their confidential issues and ask anonymous questions.
  • A buying group to help you save money on supplies and materials.

How much time will it take?

The only fixed time commitment is a monthly two to three hour meeting with your colleagues to view the business topic of the month webinar and participate in a moderated discussion and open forum session to discuss business topics and challenges with each other for feedback and information. The rest of the month you will receive numerous materials in different formats that can be reviewed at your convenience including a pre-recorded webinar for your staff on the monthly topic, that will help them understand and implement what you have learned.

When are the meetings?

Meeting times will be determined by the Dental Business Study Clubs Founder. The goal is to have them at convenient times and you should ask the Founder of your club when meetings will be scheduled. There will be approximately 9-10 meetings per year and each meeting will last between two and three hours. Each club will select its own unique time to have meetings. We have encouraged the club Founders to hold meetings at convenient times that allow dentists to arrive comfortably and be in a mindset to view the webinar topic of the month, and have a moderated discussion on the topic followed by an open forum to share business questions, opportunities and challenges with colleagues.

Will I get continuing education?

Yes, you will receive continuing education for the monthly meeting. Keep in mind that this will be continuing education on the subject of the business of dentistry and each state allows different levels of CE credit on business topics toward the licensure renewal requirement.

Will any of my competitors be a part of Dental Business Study Clubs?

We try not to think in terms of competitors, but the membership of your study club will be determined by the invitations provided by the Founder of the Dental Business Study Clubs and which doctors decide to join. Dental Business Study Clubs are open to all dentists who are invited by the Founder so it is certainly possible, and even likely that you will have dentists from your community in the club. However, if you have confidential issues that you do not want to discuss with other dentists in your club, Dental Business Study Clubs has an online discussion forum open to your colleagues all over the country. The membership on the discussion forum will grow as more Dental Business Study Clubs are created.

How will this be different from a consulting firm?

Dental Business Study Clubs is not a consulting program, it’s is the next generation in dental business education. DBSC is a business education group where topics will be selected every month and there will be several different methods by which the information will be disseminated. One of the most important aspects of Dental Business Study Clubs is the monthly meeting where members can work together to create real-time solutions to real-time problems.

Can I bring my Office Manager to the monthly meetings?

The monthly meetings are for doctors only. Dental Business Study Clubs is based on a model that CEO’s use in the business world to meet regularly to interact, share business knowledge and education and ask questions regarding opportunities and challenges. However, each month there will be a pre-recorded educational webinar for the dental staff on the topic so that they are up to speed on what you have learned. There are also numerous other materials and content provided monthly on the topic that can be shared with the dental team.

How is this different from other study clubs?

Dental Business Study Clubs is the first national study club organization dedicated completely to the business of dentistry. It’s based on Dr. Roger Levin’s 33 years of unique experience providing consulting services with his group to just fewer than 30,000 practices. DBSC offers the next generation in dental business education giving doctors the opportunity to interact with one another while receiving numerous educational materials and content on a specific topic each month. In addition, Dental Business Study Clubs will have an online discussion forum where doctors can anonymously post questions and receive answers from dentists all over the country. We also will have a buying group to help reduce supplies and materials costs for our members only.

What will I learn?

Dental Business Study Clubs will provide you a monthly topic with numerous opportunities to understand the topic and implement it into your practice and provide that same knowledge to your team. The topics are selected by Dr. Levin and a team of dental business experts based on research about the most impactful education strategies to help DBSC members. Topics will include management, marketing, finance, leadership, team development, case presentation and more. Each month a specific topic will be selected with practical information given to the doctors at their monthly meeting and additional information provided throughout the month.

I’ve heard Roger speak and have been reading his articles for years. Will there be anything new?

Dental Business Study Clubs is truly the next generation in dental business education and goes far beyond Dr. Levin’s seminars and articles. As you know, you can only learn so much in one seminar or by reading a 500-word article. Dental Business Study Clubs will select the most impactful, leading-edge topics from both the dental and business worlds and present them to you with in a monthly group forum where you can learn and interact with your colleagues, as well as through additional materials that you and your staff can review at your convenience.