Dental Business Study Clubs


The Next Generation of

Dental Business Education


Dental Business Study Clubs


The Next Generation of Dental Business Education


There’s Nothing Else Like This. And it Works! Here’s Why…

Leading Edge Practice Management

The most important and practical information you need to achieve and maintain a successful practice.

Higher Production & Profit

Increase your income, reduce your overhead, and create a low-stress, enjoyable work environment.

Build a Great Team

Learn how to educate, motivate and energize your team for high achievement each workday.

New Content Monthly

Powerful material created by industry-leading experts that will immediately benefit your practice.

Real-Time Solutions

Pearls, tips, strategies, and answers to your biggest challenges in managing your practice.

Build a Great Practice

Learn the secrets of success used by top dental practices and adapt them to your business.

When You Join a Dental Business Study Club

Here’s What You Get Every Month!!


#1 DBSC Education

Immediately increase production and lower overhead with top-quality, proven business education designed specifically for dental practices. DBSC members will receive a new business system each month to implement (with your team) into your practice. You can expect savings from these systems to far exceed the cost of your annual DBSC membership fee. You can also expect to experience much lower stress as you implement highly efficient business systems that “do the work for you.”


#2 World-Class Dental Business Library

Included with your membership, receive instant access to download more than 100 dental business books, videos and whitepapers from practice management experts with over 30 years of experience working with over 25,000 dental practices. A total value of over $2,000 included for DBSC members.


#3 Ten Live Business Study Club Meetings Annually – Right In Your Local Area

Spend 2 amazing hours each month interacting and sharing with motivated colleagues. Learn the most essential information, techniques and strategies for practice success – all of them ready to be implemented in your practice immediately.


#4 Continuing Education Credits

CE Credits are available for each live meeting.


#5 Team Training Video

Engaging video training, designed specifically to help your team implement the practice enhancing strategy that is rolled out every month.


#6 DBSC Discussion Forum

24/7 access to a team of experts and colleagues throughout the country. Get answers and feedback in real time.


#7 Team Training Scripts

A new, expert-designed script each month, for use by the entire team to improve results in critical practice systems.


#8 Practice Profit Guide

A special report for the doctor and team each month, on increasing production and profitability.


#9 Practice Management Pearl-of-the-Week

Every week you will receive a dental business pearl that contains short, practical and powerfully effective tips for making real-time improvements in the practice one-step-at-a-time.


All this for only $79 per month!

(paid monthly)


Doctors, teams and practices have incredible potential to grow 30-50% (without working harder or longer) AND while lowering stress. The strategies presented each month by Dental Business Study Clubs will allow any practice to enjoy continuing growth in both production and profitability.


– at about the same cost of one nice dinner per month!



A Dental Business Study Club is NOT a Typical Study Club.

Business Study Club meeting

Dental Business Study Clubs are a unique innovation in dentistry.


It is the newest, most advanced form of dental business education.


There is no other study club format like it.


Dental Business Study Clubs were founded by Dr. Roger Levin to create the most effective method of business education for dentists.

When you join a Dental Business Study Club you become part of a group dedicated to taking their practice, and their lives, to the next level of success.

Dental Business Study Club meeting

A Dental Business Study Club is NOT a typical study club as you know it.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Minimizing Overhead/Maximizing Profit
  • Running Your Practice Like a CEO
  • Scheduling for Higher Production and Lower Stress
  • How to Get New Patients — and Keep Them
  • Accurate Coding for Maximum Reimbursements
  • Case Closed — Effective Steps to Increase Case Acceptance
  • Navigating Social Media and the Online World of Marketing
  • Developing an All-Star Team in Your Practice
  • HR Tactics for Low-stress Team Management
  • Getting Your Patients in the Chair — On Time
  • Stop No-Shows with a Patient Confirmation System
  • Methods to Achieve Crystal-clear Team Communication
  • Show me the Money — Collect 99% of Money Owed
  • Analyzing your Business – Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats

…And Many More.  A New Topic Every Month.

Joining A Dental Business Study Club Will Take Your Practice To The Next Level

83% of successful business CEO’s belong to a business-focused professional development network...0%

Only 5% of dentists belong to one.0%

Think like a CEO.  Imagine having a resource for quick answers to the business questions you face in your practice every day.

Dental Business Study Clubs is the first national study club organization dedicated completely to the business of dentistry. It’s based on data from over 30,000 practices, tracked over 3 decades. DBSC offers the next generation in dental business education giving doctors the opportunity to interact with one another while receiving extensive educational materials and content on a new dental business topic each month.

Good CEOs have a support network of colleagues to share ideas and learn from. Your Dental Business Study Club will become your “go-to” resource for learning how your dental business can become one of the best.

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