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Dental Business Study Clubs: Unlock Your Potential

Our mission is to educate all dentists in leading-edge business know-how, enabling them to operate successful, sustainable practices and have rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Dentistry is constantly evolving and changing. Continuous clinical research and advances in technology are bringing forward new techniques, treatments and materials almost daily. What many dentists are only now just realizing is that the business side of dentistry is evolving just as rapidly.


Dentists have many good options for expanding their clinical knowledge but VERY few practical ways of gaining the business education that has become essential to their success – Until now.

4% of dentists received business education in dental school0%

5% of dentists belong to a business-oriented professional development network0%

83% of successful business CEO’s belong to a business-focused professional development network0%

Dental Business Study Clubs was founded to give dentists the confidence and competence needed to understand their dental business and make improvements to remain competitive and profitable. There is no other study club format currently existing to bring business knowledge, best practices and expertise to practicing dentists.
Whether it is systemic challenges like increased competition from group practices, outdated management and marketing systems, or basic bottom-line concerns like reaching new patients and ramping up profitability, it is nearly impossible for busy practitioners to run a successful business without a reliable and trustworthy background on which to base practical use.


Many dentists feel that they have no option but to face difficult business challenges on their own. In a Dental Business Study Club you are not alone. Peer-to-peer sharing and support are the very essence of what makes these study clubs so effective. Not only will your Dental Business Study Club provide all the advantages of traditional study clubs – a social support system, shared knowledge and expertise, brainstorming, debating, and exploring questions with peers in a comfortable environment – it also has the added advantage of its benefits being targeted to the bottom line of your practice. You learn more to earn more.

Did You Know?

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Our Clubs Make a Difference

Dentists who belong to a DBSC enjoy lower stress, a stronger team and a smooth-running practice that attracts and retains patients.

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DBSC Members Love Continuous Education

They get practical business strategies and techniques to use every day in their practice.