Creating a Client-Centric Culture

Creating a Client-Centric Culture

Every business (and practice) develops a distinct culture, whether it evolves naturally or is guided in a specific direction. Much like an individual’s personality, this culture ends up defining the workplace, shaping its values and guiding day-to-day decision-making.

Since its inception, Google has been synonymous with great company culture, setting the tone for many of the perks and benefits (i.e. free meals, trips, parties, bonuses, gyms, etc.) startups are now known for. As a result, Googlers are known to be driven, talented, and among the best of the best.

Is employing the best of the best the vision of your practice? Would you like to work in a conflict-free atmosphere where patients appreciate the care you provide? If so, you should seek to cultivate a “client-centric culture.” You might need to expand your definition of client, however. Consider that clients aren’t just the patients who pay you for dentistry―all team members and outside vendors are clients, too.

Imagine how smoothly your practice would run if every decision was filtered through the question: How will this affect the client? When we consider and treat our co-workers as clients, our teamwork and growth will be superior. And when we base decisions on how patients will be affected, customer service will improve exponentially. With a united team and delighted patients, your practice will become a more enjoyable and productive business.