The Chaos Factor

The Chaos Factor

Can you spot the problem in this following scenario?

A practice is running smoothly—low stress, happy team—when suddenly… two staff members leave in quick succession, and the office goes into a tailspin. The practice is now left in total chaos every day, and the dentist is left confused.

At first blush you might say that the problem is the unfortunate that fact that two team members have left. But wait, look at it through a CEO’s view. When you do you’ll see that the true problem is that there is no plan for how to handle such a change. Every good business leader knows that there will be staff turnover and makes sure there are systems in place to deal with it quickly and effectively.

As a business, your practice will go through many cycles and as the practice leader, you must be prepared for the resulting changes. For example, in this case, there was no team training plan in place. When two experienced staff members are eventually replaced with two new employees, a huge skills and knowledge gap opens up. Without a training plan to get them up to speed ASAP, new team members will muddle through—making mistakes, taking too long to perform tasks, and sometimes stepping on others’ toes. The disruption can be so great, a practice will still struggle years later.

You must shape your practice to cope with future changes, which are inevitable. In addition to potential staffing issues, procedures, technology, insurance issues and other external financial factors make the ability to adapt to change more critical than ever. A good way to be proactive regarding change is to seek out answers to challenges before they arise. Joining a business-focused study club puts you in connection with a network of dentists who can offer solutions based on their own experience. Fortune 500 CEOs regularly participate in these types of networks, using them to ensure their success.

No matter how smoothly your practice may be running, remember that chaos always lurks just below the surface. Plan accordingly… or pay the consequences.