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Why Didn’t They Teach Me That in Dental School

So you think you know everything there is to know about dentistry, right? Then why are you frustrated, lost, and downright stressed-out when it comes to your practice? I’ll tell you why. Because dental schools don’t teach much about the business of dentistry. Their first priority is to train high-quality clinicians, not Fortune 500 CEOs. But the reality is you’re going to have to think like a Fortune 500 CEO to ensure your practice success.

So…where to start? Here are three key areas to practice success that they didn’t teach you in dental school:

  1. Patient Management – Patients are more than a set of teeth. They have feelings and opinions and if their needs aren’t being met they’ll go elsewhere. Focus on WOWing each patient. Greet them warmly. Offer amenities like beverages and magazines. Take the time to get to know them better at every visit. Exceptional customer service builds patient loyalty and increases referrals.

  1. Staff Management – In managing your team, you should have one ongoing objective and that is to continually grow them. For them to grow they need leadership, mentoring, training, and exposure to new and better ideas. Your staff is key to your success. Provide them with the right training and motivation, and your office will be well-positioned to grow dramatically in the years to come.

  1. General Management – Use experts such as accountants to access your financial picture, attorneys for legal advice and consultants for dental specific management tools. Also, look to dental organizations like the American Dental Association for practice management information, manuals and training. Organizations like these offer an inexpensive alternative to hiring outside experts.

It’s still possible to learn and master the business of dentistry after dental school. Start by setting and meeting targets and goals in these key areas.