DBSC Club Host

Learn to Simplify

Today we live in a world where we have a mountain of gadgets, services and technology that is supposed to make life easier. We can now work, shop, order food, etc.—24/7. Sounds great but also a little overwhelming, right?

Think about your life and the level of complexity that you face daily. What can you eliminate physically, emotionally or mentally that will make your life easier? What can you streamline or remove from your life that will give you more “space” and mental clarity? Discovering answers to these questions is the beginning of an amazing new way of thinking.

A lot of people spend the first half of their life accumulating things and overscheduling their days and the second half retiring and getting rid of the things they realize they don’t actually need or care about. We can apply this to our thinking, mental states and emotions as well. Try it. Remove some things from your life—maybe it’s too many books, old furniture or tools taking up space—and see how much more mental clarity you have once they’re gone.

The same idea applies to your practice. Set aside time for everyone on your team to go through office closets, storage rooms, drawers and cabinets—getting rid of old supplies, unused equipment, outdated papers and clutter. Not only will your office look great, but it will help to encourage the mental clarity that you and your staff need to improve your practice’s focus, efficiency and production.