DBSC Study Club Meeting

Unplug and Make Connections

When you want to know more about something what do you do? Today most of us settle down at our computers, grab our tablets, or reach for our phones and have the answer within seconds.

But what happens when you have a real issue that requires the type of advice or knowledge that a search engine can’t provide? What if you’re wondering how to resolve a staffing issue, wrestling with whether to add on a new associate, or need help navigating dental insurance carriers? Yeah you could probably find a top ten list of things to do somewhere on web, but wouldn’t it feel so much better to have the trusted personal advice of a fellow dental professional who has been through it before? Even better, gaining knowledge from a whole group of trusted dental professionals that are highly dedicated to self-improvement and the development of professional skills.

Imagine it. Real advice from real people.

You have access to plenty of organizations, study clubs, and meetings where there are dental professionals like you who are experiencing the same issues and discovering new solutions every day. Use those opportunities to unplug from your devices and connect to this type of valuable network. Make the effort to meet many people, have meaningful, game changing conversations with them—and you will be richly rewarded.